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About Us

Blackwater Coffee Roasters has serviced the downtown class A buildings for nearly two decades. Our coffee experience has grown over the last 20 years and we understand the need for constant evolution. Under our guidance, we have cultivated white label programs for buildings such as Williams Tower, Five Houston Center, Kinder Morgan, Two Allen Center, and various others.

Roasting our own coffee in EADO allows us to offer some of the most exclusive single origin coffees available worldwide. We only roast coffee that is in season, ethically sourced and meets specialty standards. Our team of roasters and baristas are always encouraged to attend classes to further their education in the coffee field. 

We are driven by our passion to offer an amazing product and for complete guest happiness. Understanding the diverse downtown Houston tenant base to design a menu, along with a friendly and professional team at all our cafes ensures our guests have a memorable experience every time they visit our café.